BAO • Modern Chinese Cuisine - Ukraine's first Chinese restaurant with modern cuisine where powerful energy of the world's major cities concentrated.

The acknowledged master and talented chef, businessman and broadcaster Hector Jimenez- Bravo became a founder and ideologist of BAO. Just in Asia Hector was inspired by local traditions to move eventually a piece of deep culture to Kyiv.

Traditional DimSam and trendy Shu Mai, Oriental noodles and unsurpassed WonTons, authentic Peking Duck - it is only a small part of things BAO treats its guests. Due to the open kitchen which is disconnected from the restaurant halls only with panoramic windows, each visitor can observe the sacrament meals’ preparation. Magic of the modern Chinese cuisine lays open and аattracts gaze of exciting fire - show.

Every day fans of fine food and delicacies gather at the BAO longest community-table, because Ukrainians like Chinese tradition where neighbors can taste each other's dishes.

When it gets dark BAO immerses in an atmosphere of comfort and magic: fire is burning in the fireplace, decorative lights are framing the interior details, and the music is becoming louder and more dynamical due to DJ- sets from the best musicians. Demanding guests gather for a late dinner, favorite cocktails and relaxed holiday without reason..

ВАО Team


  • Xiao long Bao duck

  • Dim sum set

  • Steam fish Baramundi with tofu, cherry tomatoes and kafir leaves

  • Apple mousse with coconut milk compote yuzu and thai basil seeds

  • Iconic Mademoiselle




+380 (94) 821 06 26

Sunday – Thursday at 12.00 - 00.00

Friday – Saturday at 12.00 - 02.00